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            • Min. Depsoit $100
            • 100% Bonus
            • Accept Canada


            No1options has grown to be among the market leaders in the Binary Options trading market. The impressive growth since its launch in 2012 can be attributed to the various trades, the different account types, risk-free trading and a sustained improvement on many tools in the binary options market and customer support. There are also special options to take advantage of every now and then.

            No1Options has payouts hitting 1,500%, which is one of the highest payouts available today among all players in the binary options industry.


            Account opening is easy and quick with a confirmation email being sent instantly. No deposits are required at the account opening stage. Deposits will only be needed when you need to start trading. There are various types of accounts at No1Options which allows people with different levels of resources to trade with them. These are:

            • Student: Has a minimum deposit of $100

            • Silver: Minimum deposit of $2,500

            • Gold: Minimum deposit of $5,000

            • Personal Broker: Minimum deposit of $10,000

            • VIP: Minimum deposit of $20,000

            These accounts offer support and tools depending on the account type. The tools are designed to support newbies and experienced traders as well. The higher the account is rated, the more the tools available for use and the more the benefits. The VIP package has the most perks including bonuses going up to 150%, provision of a trading mentor, provision of a personal analyst, 3 months risk-free trading among others.

            The currency you will trade with at No1Options is either the US dollar or the Euro. This will be set at the account opening stage and it cannot be changed once trading has begun.

            The trading platforms

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            When it comes to the trading platforms on No1Options binary options trading, you can opt to trade online or download an app for your smart phone. It is easy to trade at No1Options because their platforms are:

            • Browser based: Trading is browser based which means that you can trade straight out of their homepage unlike other brokers where you need to download and install their software to trade which allows you access from only one device. With the browser based platform, you can trade from any device anywhere and at any time.

            • Test run: You can test the features that are available to you on the No1Options trading platform by clicking ‘trading’ on their homepage. Here you can test the tools you have while getting an insight on the payouts you could gain if you were operating an account there.

            • Mobile app: As an addition to the online platform the No1Options app lets you trade from a smartphone anytime and anywhere there is a signal.

            The platform is user –friendly and you will find binary options on offer through several options. They are: traders’ pairs, 60 sec. options, 2 minute options, 3 minute options, 5 minute options, monthly options. Other specialized options are the One Touch option and Ladder. The potential returns for Forex options hovers between seventy and eighty percent.

            Safety and security

            No1Options has optimized their security programs which have been praised in many quarters. Most EU regulators have certified No1Options trading as legit and above board. Clients’ deposits are secured up to €20,000. Deposits are governed under segregated banking regulations. Again, all transactions (Deposits and withdrawals) are made via secure instruments like wire transfer, major credit cards and electronic methods of money transfer like Ukash, Neteller and Skrill.


            One feature that traders like about No1Options is the Ladder tool for trading. It enables trades to move faster and actualize Ladder trading options on shorter time frames. Traders are offered market reviews and solid analytical reports which are deep in content and information especially if you compare them with what most trading companies provide.

            The fact that No1Options has continued to dominate the binary options market is not surprising. There are significant improvements on the Ladder trading tool. The company also has impressive accuracy rates from their market analysis reports which are a favorite among traders. Its support for new and existing traders is great as they are accessible 24 hours every day via telephone, email and live chats. Winning many awards in its relatively few years of operation means that they must be doing something great. Their profile can only grow from here.