The Brokerage Capital Option Suite


The Brokerage Capital binary options firm begun business in 2013. Though relatively new, it has made a name through its immense commitment to provide professional service using most modern trading technology. Besides making online trading easy for novices to understand, it also offers seasoned traders with a nifty platform that packs the needed tools for continued success. It is easy then to understand why the firm is rapidly growing in this highly competitive field of binary options.

A particularly interesting aspect is the account setup which comes with favorable withdrawal conditions plus welcome bonuses. With a user-friendly and easy to use website, the trading platform is exceptionally powerful such that share traders are bound to be thrilled by the wide range of stock based binary options available.

The broker is based in Cyprus and operates on the Trado Logic software platform with extensive market coverage.


The trading accounts pack a plethora of features;

Pro Account: Requires a $200 to $999 initial deposit and comes with basic necessities like the quick guide, market news and online course. It also packs a bonus of up to 50%.

Expert Account: Requires a $1000 to $4999 deposit and revolves around personal assistance through, trading strategies, market analysis, one-on-one session plus other Pro Account features. It also includes SMS alerts, daily email signals and a bonus of up to 75%.

Executive Account: Requires a deposit ranging from $5000. Comes with a personal broker who sets the custom trading strategies appealing to individual preferences. In addition to features included in previous accounts, it also packs a 100% bonus.

VIP Account: Requires a deposit from $10 000 and comes with a personal broker, plus the VIP manager to take care of traders’ portfolio via direct phone signals and customized strategy updates. It also packs a VIP-bonus, faster withdrawals plus occasional rewards and gifts.


The firm offers four trading options:

  • Digital: Classic binary options with two picks for traders, Up or Below prices.

  • Range: This options requires traders to decide whether prices will fall between certain preset ranges or not.

  • Touch: Comes in two picks, “Touch” or “One Touch”.

  • Turbo: For traders who want fast trading action. Comes in three picks, One, Two or Five minutes expiry times.


Various bonus options are on offer and they depend on the kind of account opened as well as how much is deposited into the account. A Pro Account attracts a 50% bonus, an Expert Account attracts a 75% bonus, while both VIP and Expert Accounts attract a 100% bonus of up to $6000. These bonuses are a splendid way to buff up an account especially when starting out.

Payout Ratios

For Brokerage Capital, traders can expects to earn a payout ratio of up to 70% returns on the average. Additionally, the firm offers rebates for out-of-the-money transactions with impressive percentages payouts.

Asset Index

This broker boasts of around 300 different kinds of underlying assets clients can choose from. This is definitely among the widest range of market coverage, more than every other binary options broker in the market.

Customer Support

The firm’s website is easily accessible and is available in 3 major languages, English French and Chinese. Traders can access the customer support team via live chat, email, and a toll free phone number. Alternatively, clients may leave a message at the website requesting a call-back. All these services are available 24/7. Additionally, every client has access to their own trading expert for support and guidance.

Regulation and security

The Brokerage Capital firm is not regulated as yet but it has filed for a CySec license and is awaiting the outcome. Nevertheless, it has been inspected by a group of independent auditors in the meantime, and it’s worth mentioning the firm passed this quality assurance test with flying colors.